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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Former SS501 member Park Jung Min attends 'Seoul Fashion Week'

Article: Park Jungmin makes first public appearance in a while (2018 Seoul Fashion Week)

Source: Seoul Econ via Nate

1. [+337, -10] He looks gay...

2. [+313, -5] His nose... ㅠㅠ

3. [+260, -1] Hyung...

4. [+32, -0] Thought this was Michael Jackson...

5. [+24, -0] Ah what the, what's with this picture

6. [+19, -0] I was wondering who he was so I searched up his name and it looks like he got his inner eye corners cut and did his nose. Not that it's my face to worry about but I feel bad for him.

7. [+18, -2] Plastic monster

8. [+17, -0] Can he even pick his nose with that nose???

9. [+16, -0] What the... looks like someone was making a game character and gave up on it...

10. [+12, -0] He looks like a magician...


Fei shares a selca from China

Article: "Looking classier" miss A's Fei still looks beautiful in China

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+238, -25] Suzy's soaring but the rest of the miss A members Min, Fei, and Jia have disappeared... None of them have been able to make a name for themselves in varieties, solo, or acting. Suzy is dominating in all those areas. I doubt the members are able to contact her anymore due to the sense of difference. She's probably like a celebrity to them even though they're celebrities too.

2. [+199, -21] The rest of miss A is only as popular as they are thanks to Suzy. They've probably made enough money to live off of. miss A would've disappeared if they never debuted without Suzy so I hope they don't feel envious of her and live with gratitude instead.

3. [+156, -19] Funny how the ones who were living off of Suzy ostracized her ㅋㅋ no wonder the rest of them failed, they're so evil

4. [+18, -6] Suzy carried miss A, they never would've won the rookie award without her

5. [+13, -5] Please don't come back to Korea...

6. [+9, -1] But can miss A's debut success be really only chalked up to Suzy? Sure I found Suzy pretty on their debut stage but they also had a great song and I found it amazing that they were able to dance all crazy like that while singing live too.

7. [+8, -0] Stay there forever

8. [+7, -0] The group that can't accomplish anything without Suzy...


Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunmi goes to Paris for 'Cosmopolitan'

Article: Sunmi's Paris photoshoot shows off sexy body inside jumper

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+397, -38] I don't get why stars have to go all the way overseas for these pictorials. The pictures look like they were taken in Itaewon;; you guys do realize that the cost for them to go overseas is all put on us consumers? It's included in the final cost of the product...

2. [+312, -33] She's so blah for me but gets so much hype

3. [+239, -22] Sexy, seriously??

4. [+28, -5] I'm a woman too but have to say that Sunmi is way too thin. I think she's going for Gain's concept but she doesn't normally look like this.

5. [+26, -2] She's just all bones

6. [+22, -3] Her body is the typical type that starved itself to be thin without exercise

7. [+22, -5] She's pretty but has no sexiness to her, kind of like Gain...?

8. [+17, -3] I'd never be able to tell this was Paris from the pictures ㅋ

9. [+16, -2] What's the point of going all the way to Paris for these pictures? Unless you're taking them in front of the Eiffel Tower, you might as well just go to some English town in Korea and take em there

10. [+13, -3] Wow she's nothing but bones ㅡㅡ gross to see


Source: Naver

1. [+291, -14] So thin

2. [+215, -12] Her legs look like she's standing on her arms

3. [+148, -12] Wow... is her left leg real life in that second picture...? Sunmi, eat some food!!!

4. [+100, -7] Her ankles look even thinner with stockings on..

5. [+251, -73] I'm sorry but her body isn't sexy at all... just her eyes...

6. [+23, -2] She's just all legs... so long...

7. [+21, -4] Pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

8. [+19, -4] Her legs are hard at work... how can they be so long and pretty??


Hollywood: Emma Stone

Article: '7 kg weight gain' Emma Stone makes transformation as a legendary tennis star

Source: Nate

1. [+263, -51] In Korea, not only would they never pick up a role like this for actresses but actresses would never gain weight for it. The most Korean actresses will go to really 'let go' is maybe showing a bare face...

2. [+197, -4] You really gotta give it to how hard American actors work at their job. Whenever you look up the movies based off of real stories, the actors usually always look like the real people. As for Korea, well... it's always the prettiest or most handsome actors who take priority.

3. [+131, -3] I find it so respectable when actors do this. Actors who show an image that you could never imagine, like Charlize Theron in 'Monster' or Ethan Hawke in 'Maudie'.

4. [+15, -0] Korea has Kim Sun Ah

5. [+9, -0] She looks pretty even with weight gain

6. [+8, -0] I think one of her greatest charms is her ability to transform. Her image changes with just the swap of her hair color or adding glasses or dressing more retro. Sad that she gets paid the same as a supporting male and way less than any lead male though.

7. [+6, -1] Meanwhile actresses in Korea ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they'll take a super pretty actress and put glasses on her with frizzy hair and add some freckles on her face and have her act stupid... then have her dumped and tada~ she completes her transformation into being beautiful again when really nothing changed.

8. [+4, -0] The attitude of a professional


Epik High and IU to release collab song 'Love Story'

Article: [Official] Epik High + IU's new song title is 'Love Story', to be released on the 23rd

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+459, -19] Wow, IU's really working hard... IU and Epik High is a combo that's just a must listen

2. [+272, -13] Is Yang Hyun Suk finally taking Epik High off the backburner!!!!

3. [+228, -15] The lyrics alone sounded crazy, it's definitely going to hit #1

4. [+179, -16] IU's releasing so many songs this year, it's great!! Even better with Epik High!!

5. [+174, -20] Hul IU....

6. [+49, -1] Epik High and IU... can't wait for the 23rd... ㅎ

7. [+32, -1] Epik High has always had great tracks with female vocals like 'Fly', 'Love Love Love', 'Umbrella', 'One', etc

8. [+33, -2] Now this is a long run song